08 Dezember 2016

Alex Honnold Solos Lover's Leap

Alex Honnold knackt Dan Osmans Solo-Rekordzeit am Lovers Leap

Alex Honnold knackt Dan Osmans Solo Rekordzeit am Lovers Leap, allerdings ohne Dans legendären Doppeldyno, dennoch ein wirklich cooles Video!

Inspired by Dan Osman's 4:25 Bear's Reach speed solo in "Masters of Stone 4" from the 90s, Alex Honnold tries to better his time in this tribute to the classic, original film. Directed and Produced by: Corey Rich @ Novus Select. Original Dan Osman climbing footage: “Masters of Stone 4 - Pure Force” shot and produced by Eric Perlman. Music: “Change Our Ways” by Fortress.



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