22 Juni 2015

Rückruf CAMP Steigeisen

Bei den Modellen Blade Runner, Blade Runner Alpine können die Frontzacken brechen, beim Tour Nanotech gibt es Probleme im Versenbereich...

Betroffene Steigeisen:   Blade Runner crampons ref. 037801  size 1 & ref. 037803  size 2
                                   Blade Runner  Alpine crampon ref. 037802  size 1 & ref. 037804  size 2

We have recently realized of a risk of fatigue-caused  breaking of the supports of the removable front points on the front part of Blade Runner and Blade Runner Alpine crampons (see photo).If you have purchased a pair ofBiade Runner or Blade Runner Alpine crampons (see pictures), we ask you to stop using them immediately and to return them to the shop where you purchased them. You will receive all instructions with regards to the replacement of your crampon.

Problem description: There is a risk of fatigue-caused breaking of the supports of the removable front points; such breaking may take place after the front points have undertaken a high nurober of solicitations.

The crampon  is indeed  compliant  to the norm EN 893:2010. The fatigue-caused  breaking  takes place after the front  points have undertaken  a high  number  of solicitations.  The  causes of such breakings are still under research.
Our risk analysis performed according to 2001/95/CE  Directive has pointed out a "moderated  risk
Ievel'' that requires a product recall. So far we have not been reported any accidents.

Therefore please kindly return to us all pairs of Blade Runner and Blade Runner Alpine crampons, from all Batch Numbers.

Beim Tour Nanotech gibt es Probleme im Versenbereich, Details folgen.



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