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20 Juni 2016

Wild Country Syncro Sitzgurt Rückruf

Wild Country ruft 2016 gebaute und verkaufte SYNCRO Sitzgurte freiwillig zurück.

Wild Country ruft 2016 gebaute und verkaufte SYNCRO Sitzgurte freiwillig zurück. 


For the safety of all of our customers we are issuing an immediate recall notice for all Wild Country Syncro Harnesses manufactured and sold during 2016. If you own a Wild Country Syncro Harness that was purchased during 2016 please read this notice carefully and follow the instructions “How to Identify the Product”, so that you can ascertain whether your product is affected by this recall.

The reason for the recall:

We have found a manufacturing fault on a very small quantity of Syncro Harnesses that will cause one of the waist belt buckles to slip under load. No accidents have been reported; however, in the interest of customer safety, Wild Country has decided to voluntarily issue a recall. Even on a harness with this problem it may not be immediately obvious and no slippage will occur. It therefore requires a skilled inspector to identify the problem here at Wild Country. Therefore you must return the harness to us without exception.

Our first priority is always the safety of the climbing community and our customers; therefore we have taken the decision to recall all Syncro Harnesses sold in 2016 with immediate effect. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause, and thank you in advance for your cooperation in helping us to recover all of the affected Syncro harnesses for inspection and replacement.

How to identify the product:

The product affected by this recall are Syncro Harnesses manufactured and sold in 2016, with the following batch code; 01 A 01 16 (see picture below).

How to find the batch code:

The batch code is marked on the label situated on the inside of the waist belt of the harness, please refer to the picture below.

How to return the product:

It is important that you only return Syncro Harnesses that are identified as having the batch code 01 A 01 16. If in doubt please e-mail a photograph to [email protected] or telephone + 44 (0) 1298 871010 and you will be advised how to proceed. Once identified correctly follow the instructions below to return the Syncro Harness to your retailer or Wild Country directly.

Where to return the product:

Preferably you should return your Syncro Harness directly to the retailer where you made the purchase. If you are unable for whatever reason to return your Syncro Harness to your retailer then you can send the harness back to Wild Country directly at:

Wild Country Ltd
Meverill Road
SK17 8PY

What we will do when we receive the product:

We will replace your returned product as quickly and efficiently as possible with a new one. The new replacement harness will have been produced, tested and inspected to the highest standards and in accordance with the corrective actions required by the original manufacturing error. We will endeavour to replace the returned product as soon as practicable, we anticipate within one week of receipt by Wild Country. If however there is going to be a delay we will inform you immediately of this.

Shipping costs:

If you are unable to return the product directly to your retailer and therefore incur shipping costs to return it Wild Country, please contact us directly for more information.

For more information:

You can contact us or find more information at any time:

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: + 44 (0) 1298 871010

Quelle: www.wildcountry.com/

Wild Country Syncro
The batch code is marked on the label situated on the inside of the waist belt of the harness


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