Nevee Outdoor Festival – NOF 2019

Datum: 20 Juli 2019   -   21 Juli 2019
Sella Nevea - Conca Prevala 1850m

The Nevee Outdoor Festival will take place on 20-21 July 2019 in Sella Nevea (UD) in the municipality of Chiusaforte (UD) near the Gilberti Refuge at an altitude of 1850m, which will be the basis for the entire event. The goal is to let you discover the peculiarities of our territory (environmental, landscape and cultural) through sport and multiple activities, showing possibilities offered by the mountain. In particular we will show you the Canin range, Montasio and the Raccolana valley, a territory full of infinite possibilities, which are unknown. This is an event aimed at enhancing our territory from an environmental and landscape point of view, but it will also be an opportunity for cultural exchange and sharing the values ​​of the sports and nature in the mountains.

Everyone can try all the activities supported and guided by experts of the various disciplines and activities. During the two days of the event it will be possible to attend various exhibitions in the disciplines of climbing, highline, acroyoga, aerial dance and everyone can practe sport freely at his own risk. The party for Leonardo Comelli, the Saturday music concerts and the Sunday afternoon prize draw will be another reason to have fun together.

We like to remember Leonardo, carrying on this initiative which is the result of the commitment and volunteering of many people.

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