Piolets d'Or 2020

Datum: 19 September 2020   -   22 September 2020
Ladek Mountain Film Festival in Poland

Dealing with uncertainties is an essential skill in Alpinism, and it has certainly been a key element for all of us over the last three months. However, today we are extremely pleased to announce that the 2020 edition of the Piolets d'Or will take place during the 25th edition of Ladek Mountain Film Festival in Poland, which takes place September 11-22. This will be the third edition of the Piolets that we have organized together with the Polish team. We are quite confident that our Plan A - to hold a physical event over the four days of September 19-22 - will take place, but our Plan B, in case a new outbreak of COVID-19 prevents this happening, is to hold an online event over a longer time period. There will, naturally, be some restrictions, eg a limit on attendance, travel constraints, but we are happy to be in the position to provide a full edition of the Piolets d'Or.

More Infos https://www.pioletsdor.net/

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