Sports Climbing Olympia Finals Tokyo

Datum: 05 August 2021   -   06 August 2021
Aomi Urban Sports Park / Tokyo

Sport Climbing makes its Olympic debut, with athletes winning gold thanks to the power and strength in their fingertips.


Sport Climbing takes the challenge of scaling steep ascents to a whole new level. Climbers use brightly-coloured hand, finger and foot holds, their climbing skills and all the strength their bodies can muster to work their way up a near-vertical wall.

The sport will make its Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020 and will feature three disciplines: speed climbing, bouldering and lead climbing. Speed climbing pits two climbers against each other, both climbing a fixed route on a 15-metre wall. In bouldering, climbers scale a number of fixed routes on a 4m wall in a specified time. In lead climbing, athletes attempt to climb as high as possible on a wall measuring over 15m in height within a fixed time. At the Games, each climber will compete in all three disciplines, with the final rankings being determined by the combined results.

In some disciplines, climbers attach safety ropes; however, no other equipment is permitted and competitors must climb using only their bare hands and climbing shoes. The sport requires strength, flexibility and skill together with careful advance planning: the first ever medallists will all possess this unique combination of physical and mental capability and decisiveness.

Event Programme

Date and Time: Thu 5 Aug. 17:30 - 22:20 (ab 10:00 MEZ)

Venues: Aomi Urban Sports Park

  • Men's Combined Final - Speed
  • Men's Combined Final - Bouldering
  • Men's Combined Final - Lead
  • Men's Combined Victory Ceremony

Date and Time: Fri 6 Aug. 17:30 - 22:20 (ab 10:00 MEZ)

Venues: Aomi Urban Sports Park

  • Women's Combined Final - Speed
  • Women's Combined Final - Bouldering
  • Women's Combined Final - Lead
  • Women's Combined Victory Ceremony

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