23 April 2013

Melloblocco 2013

Vom 26. April bis 5. Mai geht das weltweit größte Bouldermeeting in seine 10te Runde....

It is Melloblocco® time, the largest international rendez-vous of people who love bouldering, climbing and the breath-taking wilderness of Val Masino and Val di Mello.

The idea for the 10th year is that of a special edition which may remain in the history of Melloblocco® and in the heart of all those who have always demonstrated their passion for this event.

The daring proposal consists in extending Melloblocco® from the usual 4 days to 10 days, starting the event earlier on, that is on Friday 26th April 2013 to close – as the tradition goes – on Sunday 5th May 2013.

The basic idea is that of extending the event, enhancing the opportunity to meet nature and the rocks, offering climbers more time to share, picking “light-weight” mini-events and activities in line with the environment hosting the meeting.

The formula will be similar to that of the past editions, with new areas and new boulder problems discovered for the occasion; there will be more money-awarding problems (at least 12 per category) and more days to try them out, while waiting for the right weather conditions to solve them and enjoying some rest days.

This will enable athletes to work on extremely difficult boulder problems, with great benefit for the technical level of the event.

Besides this extension in space and time, we also invite the people of Melloblocco® to experience the event in an even deeper and involving way; many will take a 10-day holiday for Melloblocco®, many more will take advantage of the two week-ends and the 1st of May holiday to enjoy the valley and the event and locals will be able to participate for at least one day.

The people of Melloblocco® will thus be offered the possibility:

To work the boulder problems longer;

To take advantage of the best weather


To devote time to “lateral” activities;

To experience other forms of climbing in the

valley such as sports and trad climbing, climbing multipitch routes and big walls.


Adam Ondra im Val di Mello
Melloblocco 2013


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